Each level has a Boss inhabiting it, which will be selected randomly from the 20 bosses in the game. Bosses' rooms are marked on the map, and have a special door, so you know when you are going to enter a boss' lair. As a general rule you should heal up, and be prepared for a hard fight before you enter them. For specific strategies on each boss, click on their name to go to their corresponding page.

The Duke of FliesEdit


The Duke of Flies

This boss will periodically cough, which will spawn several grey or red flies, which will chase the player. He is fairly slow, and will stick to the center of the room, allowing him to be avoided fairly easily. The trick is to avoid the flies he is constantly spawning around himself, as they will block many of the shots you send his way.

Gemini (the twins)Edit

Gemini looks like a kooky highshcool boy. He had probably an incident with a blaster, and now has a great big hole in his eye. Gemini has a baby attached to his slinky tail. Gemini is fairly fast and will pull a creepy grin and start going mad while the baby shoots blood at you. Gemini consists of 2 lives one with Gemini himself , and the other with Gemini baby, who goes mad after kill his brother. Squre room arena.